The CEO of  WACREN, Dr. Boubakar Barry has welcomed the first cohort of participants in the WACREN Graduate Internship Programme.

The primary objective of the WACREN Graduate Internship Programme is to provide recent graduates with a unique opportunity to gain practical work experience while contributing to the advancement of the research and education networking ecosystem in the WACREN region.

During the meeting with the interns, Dr. Boubakar Barry shared his vision for the programme and emphasized the significance of gaining hands-on experience and encouraged the interns to approach their responsibilities with dedication and a commitment to excellence.

He urged the interns to imbibe and align with the corporate values of WACREN.

As part of the programme, the interns will be able to work on real-world projects, collaborate with colleagues within the Secretariat and gain insights into the intricacies of research and education networking. This exposure aims to enhance their technical skills and develop their leadership and problem-solving capabilities.

The WACREN Graduate Internship Programme is poised to become a flagship initiative, contributing significantly to the organization’s mission and vision.