Network Operating Centre

Network Operation Centre as a Service (NOCaaS)

The network operation centre (NOC) is at the heart of NREN infrastructure, a vital piece providing services that include, amongst other functions, continuous monitoring, which helps to identify issues and the preventative maintenance that stops those issues from occurring in the first place.

These contribute to ensuring a good user experience for its members.

NOC as a Service (NOCaaS) is a bespoke offering providing network infrastructure monitoring and maintenance for the NREN. The infrastructure is supported using secure protocols as a first or second-line support service in collaboration with the NREN engineers. This way, the NREN remains in charge, but they can join and assist and learn how to do it.

This WACREN service is available to assist members who cannot adequately staff their NOC, need support with network problems beyond their staff’s knowledge, or cannot readily find the specialised engineers required to maintain an excellent quality service.