Who We Are

WACREN has a small but dynamic, talented, hardworking team. Our team is agile, collaborative and responsive.

We work collaboratively and draw our synergies to give off our best to our growing community. Our motivation is to our community the infrastructure, training, resources and services it needs to discover, produce and use knowledge for the betterment of society. Serving our community is ingrained in our DNA; that’s our reason for existence.

Our Values

As it is in every organisation, our team defines us. What they do or not do speaks volumes about the image and reputation of WACREN. Therefore, our team does its best to live by the following core values:

  • Service
    We provide solutions to meet the needs our community of users
  • Teamwork
    We join hands with one another to give the best we can
  • Innovation
    We find more creative ways of delivering value to our community
  • Quality
    We strive excellence in all we do
  • Integrity
    We are committed to transparency, accountability, fairness and equity.

What you can do for R&E through WACREN? You can:

  • contribute to knowledge discovery and use to make life better
  • exchange knowledge and experience in others
  • support the discovery of solutions for R&E in the region

What WACREN can do for you? WACREN will:

  • WACREN will give you the opportunity to engage with your colleagues in the region, Africa and beyond for knowledge sharing, through cross-border projects
  • WACREN will offer you the platform to maximise your potential