Global REN Operations

The Global Research and Education Network (GREN) is the culmination of the operation of all RENs across the World.

United is better. Over hundreds of NRENs in over 100 countries perform operations that give vivid definition and value of GREN. WACREN is part of this ecosystem and family. We connect with global RENs through GÉANT’s robust and resilient network. To say it another way, GÉANT connects our users to the rest of the world and the rest of the world to our users; this is a symbiotic relationship that creates value for users at both ends of the line.


WACREN’s operation and activities are part of a global agenda to facilitate the discovery, sharing and usage of knowledge to make the world a better place.

What is the Global Research and Education Network (GREN)?

Credit: Canarie

Regional RENs


Regional RENs like WACREN connect national RENs (NRENs) of individual countries within a geographic region. Many regional networks have funding from the user communities, governments or international bodies.

The NRENs provide service to institutions of higher learning and research organisations in a jurisdiction. They offer tailored and value laden services to their user institutions. The services may include connectivity, collaboration and cloud services.

All academic/education institutions across West and Central Africa are eligible to connect to WACREN and enjoy our value-laden network and specialised service; but they must do so through their national RENs.