The COVID-19 pandemic has led to drastic changes in work culture and general lifestyle across the World, including Nigeria. Interestingly, the same period created an opportunity for Eko-Konnect to develop its cloud infrastructure.

To ensure participation of the Nigerian R&E community in the open science cloud services, Eko-konnect hosted a series of webinars to discuss the challenges and opportunities that Covid-19 presents for the Nigerian Research and Education Community to devise action plans to overcome the negative impact of Covid-19 in Nigeria.



Our Campus Technology Internship Program (CTIP) and ICT4Girls activities along promoted capacity building in STEM and participation in Citizen Science-based projects. These activities are ongoing as part of the national open science roadmap and activities in Nigeria to engage our women and youth in open science and strengthen the R&E community.



Eko-Konnect Upcoming Events/Activities

Eko-Konnect is working on a series of projects, events, and webinars and we are excited to engage our communities. if you are interested in participating in any of our upcoming events listed below.

  • Digital literacy workshops for Librarians and Researchers
  • Participation in LIBSENSE capacity building activities
  • Engaging students in Open Access, Open Education, Citizen Science
  • Online Consultation Meetings with champions and national stakeholders to promote Open Science
  • Sensitisation Meetings with Chief Executives/Principal Officers/Librarians of Institutions to establish Open Science policy and practice
  • Workshop in Abuja to consolidate on an Open Science national policy document in Nigeria.

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