In the framework of the AfricaConnect3 (AC3) project funded by the European Union and to leverage the power of communication to meet NRENs operational and organisational needs, WACREN has committed to provide support for NRENs in its region.

The task is to support two (2) NRENs per year to develop their communication and visibility capacities so that they can court the cooperation and support from relevant stakeholders in their respective jurisdictions.

By the end of AC3 life span, it is expected that eight (8) NRENs would have benefitted from this support.

This Open Call for Expression of Interest invites NRENs to apply to receive this support from WACREN Communications Unit.

1.    Scope 

 Baseline Study of NRENs 

There will be a baseline study of the selected NRENs to understand their communication and visibility needs. This will be conducted through an online survey and phone/email discussions with the NREN CEOs and/or Communication Officers (if any). Results of the baseline study will feed into a communication and visibility plan for the NRENs.

Communication and Visibility Strategy and Plan

WACREN Communication and Marketing Officer (CMO) in collaboration with the NREN focal persons will develop a communication and visibility plan. The plan will be owned and implemented by the NRENs with the support of WACREN, on request. The plan will describe the strategy, goals, key messages, audiences, channels and other essential elements that are important for the implementation of the plan.

Action Plan

There will be an action plan based on the communication and visibility plan. The action plan will describe the support activities to the granular details. It will include activities, timelines, expected outputs, outcomes and impact. 

Evaluation and Impact Assessment 

Progress or otherwise of the activity will be closely monitored through an established assessment framework agreed on between WACREN and the selected NRENs. Key priorities of the assessment will be the number of outputs and outcomes and the magnitude of impacts. Assessment will be done through surveys and evidence-based quarterly reports prepared by NRENs demonstrating the outputs, outcomes and impact of their communication activities.

2.    Criteria for Selection of NRENs

This Call is open for all NRENs to apply; two will be selected each year based on:

      i.   Commitment to collaborate with WACREN to set up communication channels and tools including website, social media channels, newsletter etc. for the NRENs;

     ii.   Commitment to engage in cordial and proactive interaction with WACREN; 

    iii.   Commitment to engage in advocacy using the developed communication techniques and tools;

    iv.   Commitment to participate in WACREN activities and events. 

In the case where more than two NRENs qualify for support, WACREN will select NRENs on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

3.    Submission 

NRENs interested in accessing this support should send a not-more-than one (1) page expression of interest to WACREN. The document should be attached to an email addressed to

4.    Deadline for Submission is Monday 31 August 2020.