The West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land use (WASCAL) is the newest member of the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN).

As a premium associate member, WASCAL will actively participate in WACREN activities and  benefit from  its services.

Receiving WASCAL into membership, the Chief Executive Officer of WACREN, Dr. Boubakar Barry, mentioned that WACREN and WASCAL have common priorities, which will be exploited through this new working relationship.

“Per our strategic direction, WACREN contributes to tackling global challenges and meeting several Sustainable Development Goals by offering data infrastructure and advanced services to foster research and  collaboration in various thematic fields,  including climate change, food security, migration and others. So we see our new relationship with WASCAL as an opportunity to advance this course,” Dr. Boubakar Barry said.

“We expect our relationship with WASCAL to be complementary, constructive, and productive for the benefit of the climate and meteorological communities of practice in our sub-region,” he added.

In his reaction to the announcement, the Executive Director of WASCAL, Dr. Moumini Savadogo expressed enthusiasm and delight at being part of WACREN.

‘’By  joining  WACREN, WASCAL is willing to learn and share, benefit and support, build and expand collaborative and innovative solutions to address various challenges faced by the African population, including Education, Health, Climate Change and Food Security.”  He said.