Website – Web Developers / Companies are invited to submit proposals for the development of a brand-new WordPress website for WACREN. 



WACREN is the Regional Research and Education Network for the West and Central African region. Its vision is to have a World-class infrastructure and services for the West and Central African research and education community for development. WACREN’s mission is to build and operate a world class network infrastructure, develop state-of-the-art services, promote collaboration among national, regional, international research and education communities and build the capacity of the research and education network (REN) community.

Additional information on WACREN is available on

As part as of its communication strategy, WACREN has decided to develop a brand-new website with an engaging design, better content management as well as improved security and privacy controls. The expected outcome is a modern website which unifies the organization’s communication and engagement with its members, the Research and Education Community and global community.

WACREN is searching for a consultant to lead and conduct the development of the new website that will support both English and French content.

The Terms of Reference of the work is defined below. 


Scope of Work

The web developer/company is expected to develop a brand-new website built on WordPress CMS. The website should reflect a forward-looking regional research and education network. The scope of work includes:

  • Highly functional and attractive graphic layout that embodies WACREN brand
  • Interactive, user-friendly and mobile responsive web design
  • Social media integration
  • Compatibility with varied web browsers
  • Website supports newsletters distribution
  • Search engine optimization and ability to work well with search engines
  • Google analytics integration
  • Developing relevant, attractive and illustrative graphics (designs)
  • Creating stylesheet for WACREN Conference server maintained at for a common look and feel
  • Open source tools are preferred when applicable
  • Website security posture shall comply at least  with the OWASP top 10 web application security (
  • Website security and privacy posture shall comply and allow compliance with European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and African Union convention on data protection
  • Import of current content



WACREN will hold exclusive rights to all design and other work products contained on the website. Should the developer desire use of the website in their portfolio, they will require written permission from the CEO of WACREN. 


Selection Criteria 

Interested applicants should proposal based on the following criteria:

  • Not less than five (5) years of progressive experience with web design proven through portfolio of designed websites; links to websites should be added to proposal
  • Demonstrable understanding of user-experience, user-interface design principles, and conceptual design
  • Demonstrable expertise in Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, In-design and Dreamweaver;
  • Experienced in developing interactive and responsive websites that allow for user engagement.


Selection Process

a)  Interested developers / companies should submit their proposals. The proposals should include profile of developer / company detailing their works, describing how the company engages with its clients: what processes they follow and requirements they have regarding timelines, rates, requests, sign-off and payments. 

b)  Only qualified candidates will be contacted for the next stage of the selection process.


Execution of the Work 

The work should be completed not more than 2 (two) months after signature of the contract

Closing date for proposal submission is 3 December 2020.

Send proposal to