In recognition of the need for the community to acquire the necessary skills to support the promotion of open and reproducible scientific research, WACREN will host a 10-day e-research hackfest in Lagos, Nigeria.  

The event is supported by the European Commission through WACREN participation in the Horizon 2020 Sci-GaIA project


The main objective of the hackfest is to integrate scientific use cases through a pervasive adoption of web technologies and standards and make them available to their end users through Science Gateways (entities connected to distributed computing, data and services of interest to the Community of Practice the end users belong to). 

Institutions and applicants from the region who couldn’t participate in the Sci-GaIA Summer Hackfest which took place at the University of Catania, Italy in July 2016 now have the opportunity to do so closer to home and are invited to apply. 

Venue and dates
The hackfest will take place from 21 – 30 November 2016 at the Lagos State University (School of Transport), Ojo, Lagos.
Applications and deadlines
Interested parties are encouraged to present use cases for adoption and integration into science gateways by applying for the event. The hackfest will be conducted in English and the closing date for applications is 4th November 2016.  Successful applicants will be notified by 7th November 2016. 

Participation in the e-Research Hackfest is by invitation, on the basis of proposed use cases. If you want to be selected to attend the e-research hackfest in Lagos,  please complete the WACREN eResearch Application Form.

Applicants will need to upload the following documents in PDF format as part of the application:

  1. A description of your use case which you will also present during the hackfest.
  2. Letter of interest and support of the applicant and subsequent related activity signed by the Chief Executive of your institution and/or the Head of Department or Dean of Faculty directly responsible for the project use case using your institution’s official letterhead.
  3. Applicant’s CV.

Prerequisite skills for applicants
Applicants will be familiar with the use of REST APIs and should know the full stack (both front-end and back-end) of the use case they want to propose.

While possessing the prerequisite technical skills is mandatory, applicants must also be affiliated with the research use case and/or the researchers responsible for the use case.