WACREN has recruited four additional professionals to beef up its engineering team. Adding two DevOps Engineers and two NOC Engineers will help accelerate the delivery of technical infrastructure and advanced services to serve WACREN’s ever-increasing and dynamic community.

With their experience in systems and network administration, the NOC Engineers will become focal points for technical capacity-building activities in the ongoing Africa Digital Campus project. They will assist the NREN with developing the network infrastructure and services required to meet the project’s objectives in the pilot countries.

With background experience in cloud infrastructure development and programming, the DevOps Engineers will strengthen WACREN Cloud development and support the emerging TrustBroker Africa cybersecurity (CSIRT) infrastructure. They will also be involved in the upcoming rollouts of BonafID, the life-long eduID-as-a-Service offered in a B2B model to NRENs, and the LIBSENSE shared national repository projects.

“The four new staff have the diverse and complementary skills needed to advance WACREN’s technical and strategic agenda for the years ahead”, Edward Banjo, WACREN Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer.