We are very close to that time of the year again, when all stakeholders of WACREN gather to have a conversation around topics that are pertinent to the advancement of the research and education community in Africa.

The 2023 WACREN Conference is just around the corner – March 2023. This year, we will explore the theme – ‘Tooling Up for the African Digital Learner and Researcher’. Accra is ready to host WACREN again, after the successful 2019 Conference.

The Conference will be laced with various engaging keynotes from some globally-acclaimed experts in the research and education networking and science fraternity as well as targeted workshops, open and close-door meetings.

Not only will we be hearing from and engaging the experts and one another in technical and non-technical conversations, we will also be seeing and learning about Accra’s iconic monuments in an exciting tour of the colonial city.

We invite you to join us to discuss shared paths to encourage innovation, investment in infrastructure, and service development. See Conference website for more information and registration details.