WACREN has held a two-day online BGP Workshop for the handlers of the network across the region.  

The 4-hour apiece sessions – held on 1 and 8 December, were a fine opportunity for participants to upgrade their knowledge on how the WACREN network works and how they can plug their networks into this bigger connection. Chief Technology Officers, network engineers, campus network administrators across REN enthusiasts in the West and Central African attended deep-dive sessions on REN Architecture, Routing, and Peering. 

Three subject-matter experts in the WACREN region – the award-winning Alain Patrick Aina of WACREN, Emmanuel Togo – the Chief Technology Officer of the Ghana Academic and Research Network (GARNET), and Arnaud Amelina (CTO for TogoRER).

On day 1, topics treated included an introduction to Research and Education Networks, NRENs and RRENs Architecture and Operations Routing: IGP and BGP. On day 2, facilitators engaged participants on WACREN Routing Policy, Network Practices, and Services Cases Studies: WACREN/NRENs Interconnection (GARNET, NGREN, TogoRER, etc.) as well as Network Monitoring and Security Management.

The sessions were interactive as participants asked incisive questions about networking in the region and REN operations’ latest trends across the globe.

The next BGP workshop would be held as part of WACREN 2021 Conference.