From December 13th to 15th, 2023, the Africa Digital Campus (ADC) project partners orchestrated the groundbreaking inaugural Educathon, dedicated to advancing higher education and research in Burkina Faso. Over three intensive days, approximately thirty educators embarked on a collaborative educational marathon at the Virtual University (UV-BF) in Ouagadougou. E-learning took centre stage as educators aimed to enhance pedagogical practices and foster digital innovation within the academic sphere. The primary objective of the Educathon was to provide robust support to UV-BF teacher-researchers in creating and seamlessly integrating their courses onto the UV-BF platform.

A Remarkable Achievement: 90 Courses Produced and Implemented!

Guided by the expertise of luminaries such as Claude Lishou from CAMES, educators showcased their ingenuity by developing nearly 90 courses during the Educathon. Collaborative efforts, particularly in thematic areas such as course scripting and platform implementation, facilitated the exchange of best practices and nurtured a culture of collective learning within the teaching community.

Recognizing Excellence: Awards Ceremony Celebrates Outstanding Educators

The culmination of the Education witnessed a distinguished awards ceremony, where four authors of exemplary courses were honoured for their outstanding contributions to digital pedagogy. The recipients of these prestigious awards are as follows:

1. Mr. R. Tougma: Recognized for his pioneering Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Health course.
2. Ms. Y. Tibiri Koutou: Commended for her insightful course on the Psychology of Education.
3. Ms. S. Karambiri: Acknowledged for her comprehensive course on Grands Concepts de l’Organisation et de la Structuration de l’Espace.
4. Mr. A. Konkobo (Tied): Lauded for his exceptional course on the Geometry of Curves.

A Triumph for the Africa Digital Campus Community!

The success of the Education underscores the commitment of the Africa Digital Campus community to harness digital technologies to revolutionize higher education in Burkina Faso and beyond. As educators embrace innovative pedagogical approaches, events like the Educathon catalyse transformative change, inspiring a new era of learning and academic excellence across the continent.