According to the Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), a member of GARNET (Ghanian NREN), is the university that has made the most significant global contributions to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 – Quality Education.

THE Ranking is the only performance chart in the world that rates institutions regarding the UN SDGs. Universities’ commitment to inclusive education, pedagogy research, early childhood and lifelong learning is evaluated as part of the ranking on SDG 4 – Quality Education.

This top-notch achievement is the consequence of effectively managing the university’s considerable, long-term investments. With a 92.3 out of 100 scores, KNUST outperformed more than 1300 other universities (representing 109 nations and regions) to take first place globally.

THE Rankings use carefully calibrated parameters to enable comprehensive and unbiased comparison across four critical areas—research, stewardship, outreach, and teaching. The indicators considered were: lifelong learning measures (26.8%), the percentage of graduates with teaching degrees (15.4%), research on early years and lifelong learning education (27%), and the percentage of first-generation students (30.8%).

The KNUST was praised for implementing anti-sexual harassment, gender, and disability policies to protect vulnerable students enrolled. Universities that submitted applications had to offer specific proof to support their assertions. The institutions provided and approved institutional data for use in the rankings.

As a long-time GARNET member, KNUST benefits from high-speed connection and the eduroam mobility service made possible by WACREN to support teaching and research.