Discover eduroam, the cutting-edge secure roaming access service designed to meet the global demand for fast, secure Internet access. Catering to the international research and education community, eduroam has amassed a staggering 6.4 billion authentications across 106 countries.

Africa’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) are embracing eduroam to extend connectivity beyond campuses, actively narrowing the digital divide. Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya are leading the charge, pioneering off-campus connections at libraries, cafes, hospitals, and even bus stops.

A Comprehensive guidebook compiled by a team from the AfricaConnect3 project team delves into eduroam’s technology, benefits, and challenges, spotlighting its role in Africa’s digital transformation. Join the call to action and help spread connectivity across the continent, reaching even remote and underserved communities where education thrives.

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