Research and Education Networks (RENs) in Africa will take centre stage at the next Science Summit at the United Nations General Assembly 77 (UNGA77) hybrid event on September 21. 2022.

The three regional RENs CEO will join other subject matter experts to discuss how digital infrastructures can enable science cooperation in Africa.

Dr Boubakar Barry, the CEO of WACREN, will speak on “Services and activities conducted by NRENs to enable collaboration”. His presentation will create awareness for the various global advanced services and other activities championed by national RENs to support cutting-edge research, academic continuity and innovation.

Prof. Madara Ogot, CEO of UbuntuNet Alliance, will walk session participants through the purpose, value and importance of national RENs with a particular focus and shining examples from Africa. His presentation is expected to increase participants’ awareness so they can support the creation, development and advancement of national RENs in Africa.

Dr. Yousef Torman, CEO of ASREN, will centre on “NRENs’ role and engagement in Science Cooperation and Diplomacy”. He will highlight how the 38 NRENs across the African continent collaborate with other institutions in the science, research and education ecosystem to birth innovation and help tackle continental and global issues.

Other speakers include Fabio Di Stefano of the European Commission, Phoebe Oduor of AfriGEO Secretariat and Islam Abou El-Magd of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, Egypt.

The discussion will tackle the following questions/topics:

  • The status and challenges facing of NRENs in Africa
  • NREN services portfolio
  • The LIBSENSE initiative and how it is strengthening open science in Africa
  • AfricaConnect3 – a critical Science Cooperation “Enabler”?
  • NRENs role in achieving the UN SDGs
  • Main challenges regarding AfriGEO community collaboration across continents
  • NRENs and “Open Science”
  • NRENs and “Science Engagement”
  • How do NRENs fulfil the expected role?
  • Challenges facing NRENs
  • Examples of Science Collaboration within and beyond Africa

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