The WACREN 2023 Conference sparked new ideas, unearthed new solutions, and galvanised emerging communities in the research and education ecosystem.

The technical workshop, keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions on various related subjects culminated in a clarion call for stakeholders in research and education to think outside the box and fashion out germane solutions that will redefine research and education networks (RENs), and make them adapt to today’s environmental dynamics, thereby raising the value.

At the Conference, WACREN unveiled two new services – the WACREN Climate and Met and the WACREN video service. The former is part of an initiative to power the delivery and use of climate data for decision-making and development in our region and beyond. The latter is a turnkey video solution to enrich next-generation learning in Africa. See other articles in this newsletter for details on the two new services.

Through WACREN-ICTP IoT Workshop, a new community emerged: climate researchers, national meteorological agencies, regional climate research organisations, and national RENs. WACREN intends to inspire and foster new partnerships among this community to enhance climate research, cloud computing, meteorological services, and capacity building. The possibilities embedded in ensuing collaborations among the members of this new community are endless.

With these two initiatives, WACREN will contribute to meeting SDG Goals 13 (Climate Change) and 4 (Quality Education).

By birthing new solutions and spotlighting emerging communities, the WACREN 2023 Conference has reaffirmed the transformative power of African research and education networks.

As Africa continues to leverage the potential of research and education networks, these solutions and communities will play a crucial role in driving sustainable development and innovation across the region.