Evelyn Awusi Fosu, a female engineer at the Ghanaian Academic Research Network (GARNET), is anticipating a great learning and networking experience at the TNC23.

She is the selected candidate to participate in the Emerging NRENs Programme (ENP) at this year’s prestigious global event.

Evelyn is a Network and System Engineer at GARNET. She has over 23 years of work experience in the telecoms engineering field, having worked with renowned multinational institutions such as AT&T and Vodafone.

Currently, she is responsible for member engagement, deployment, and GARNET systems and network operations.

She relishes the rare opportunity to meet global events and other colleagues to learn and exchange knowledge with them.

“Being at this global event will also facilitate networking opportunities with other professionals in his field, allowing me to exchange knowledge and experiences. Moreover, the conference will expose me to innovative ideas and technologies, which I can apply to improve the quality of service delivery to GARNET’s community,” Evelyn said.

With her extensive background, wealth of experience, and enthusiasm for professional growth, Evelyn is poised to impact the REN ecosystem in the WACREN region.

Since 2018, the ENP has been held concurrently with TNC. The ENP aims to establish more linkages and synergies between European and worldwide NRENs at all organizational levels and incorporate individuals from emerging NRENs worldwide into the TNC community.

In the WACREN region, the selected candidate will attend on the ticket of the AfricaConnect3 project, co-funded by the European Union.