Pierre Claver Bakoroba TRAORE is a board member of WACREN and the CEO of Mali Research and Education Network (MaliREN). He is the Head of the Information Technology (IT) Division of “Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako (USTTB), with more than twenty years in the computing/IT sector with experience acquired at various institutions, NGO and public service.

Pierre has keen interest in contributing to the reduction of the digital divide in his home country and region, particularly through the development of Mali’s national research and education network (NREN).

At USTTB, he also serves as Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. He was Managing Director, Diawara Solar Energy – SARL, Bamako, Mali. Pierre served within the ECOWAS system in Lagos as Training Coordinator, Community Computer Centre (CIC) and a Data Processing Unit Manager, Community Computer Centre.

In the past, he served the Islamic Relief United Kingdom in Mali as an IT Specialist / Communication Officer as well as a Graduate Training Centre (GTC) Project Coordinator / Principal Trainer.

Pierre has worked within the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) office in Bamako as a Business Center Manager.

Pierre has a Bachelor of Science in Theoretical Physics from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma, Computer Science from the same university.