RENs across Africa have converged for a webinar on the process of collecting data for Country Fiche – a key deliverable in the AC3 project.

The webinar focused on the importance, value and potential of collaborating with respective national stakeholders to update the yearly country fiche.

Leila Dekkar, the Project Manager of the AC3 project at GEANT, walked participants through the process of gathering and inputting data into the tools developed for Country Fiche.

She stressed the need for accuracy and timely delivery of the Country Fiche as well as its huge potential for national RENs.

25 regional and national REN officials from the WACREN, ASREN and UbuntuNet Alliance regions participated in the brief but insightful webinar.

Country Fiche of each national REN is expected to be completed and submitted to the European Commission by October 15, 2021.