This is a 5-day member service outreach for RBER, service workshop and deployathon for the Benin community on current best practices for peering with the RBER and WACREN networks.

The first two days will involve site visits and engaging RBER on current and future plans for their networks including discussions on advanced services available from WACREN such as network management, trust and identity, security, real-time communications and open science cloud) in order to provide demand-driven support for uptake and local deployment.

The remaining 3 days will be focused on network training and deployment support in line with RBER’s current technical issues and network plans.

Participants will learn about WACREN routing policy, network practices, and services for better interconnection and collaboration in building the regional REN.

Participants will also learn how to address network issues peculiar to their network and how to best connect to the RBER and ultimately to WACREN.