Open science is a global trend that has the potential to accelerate the rate of new discoveries and greatly increase the quality and impact of science in Africa. However, open science practices must be adopted in a way to ensure there are real benefits for African researchers and society. This means developing and designing solutions that work in the African context.  LIBSENSE, a pan-African, pro-Open Science initiative and community, led by WACREN and the other regional research networks collaborating in the AfricaConnect3 project brings together the major players in Africa to advance the adoption of open science on the continent, bridging across countries and stakeholder communities. LIBSENSE also engages internationally to ensure there is international alignment and awareness of other initiatives, best practices and standards.

As the world moves towards implementing the UNESCO Global Recommendations on Open Science, there is the need for more conversation on how to advance institutional, national and regional policies, create and share interoperable infrastructure as well as build the competencies required to exploit the benefits to the region and Africa as a whole.

In light of this, WACREN 2022 with its theme: ‘Open Science in Africa – Connecting the Dots’ will convene the community, stakeholders and decision-makers in Abidjan to share ideas and exchange knowledge on the topic.

Owing to travel challenges and public health safety concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 Conference will be in a hybrid format (face to face and remote participation).

Visit the conference website for more information and registration.