Research Data Management (RDM) is an essential facet of any research project, encompassing the collection, storage, organization, protection, and preservation of research data. It ensures the authenticity, integrity, collecting, storing, organising, protecting, and preserving and security of data throughout its lifecycle—from planning and acquisition to analysis, storage, and archiving. Effective data management and governance are not solely the researcher’s responsibility; they should be ingrained in institutional structures, including policy frameworks, functions, processes, and infrastructures.

This event aims to initiate a coordinated set of activities to strengthen the capacity for and awareness of research data management practices and governance at the institutional level in higher education and research institutions. The 1.5-day workshop is intended to address the following objectives:

  1. Highlight the importance of effective research data management practices in open science/open access/open data initiatives at the institutional level.
  2. Explore the policy landscape around research data management, research ethics and data protection at the institutional and national levels.
  3. Discuss the efficacy of different governance models and the library’s role in supporting the research data management function at the institutional level.
  4. Identify role profiles and skill sets appropriate for librarians supporting research data management practices at the institutional level.

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