The Africa Digital Campus (ADC) is a new e-learning project WACREN is coordinating with the Institute for Research Development (IRD – a French agency) and is piloting in West Africa with Burkina Faso and Benin. 

ADC is expected to help enhance academic continuity in spite of the negative effects  of COVID-19 on academic institutions in the two Francophone countries.

The project has been successfully launched at a well-attended ceremony of stakeholders including the beneficiary countries.

The overarching goal of ADC is to provide an evidence-based justification for a scalable national e-learning platform for the two beneficiary countries and other countries across the WACREN region.

The ADC project is expected to provide a suite of tools and services including a training platform (Moodle), tools for interactive computing (Anaconda, Jupyter notebooks, etc), local capture and streaming – RapidMooc / AC3 Capture boxes and OER Repository / Video on Demand. There will also be a  data repository or shared Storage, – federated identity and eduroam.

This will be complemented with training for teachers to develop courses and workflows using the platform, knowledge exchange to strengthen the teams,  government and service provider advocacy to scale and sustain the platform, and the national and local networking of the pilot institutions to exploit it.   The plans also include strengthening of local technical teams in our NREN-led Africa Training Initiative (model) 

It is expected that the project directly benefits about 100,000 members of the academic communities in Burkina Faso and Benin

More information on this soon