Women in WACREN - Physical Computing with Python

This first “Women In WACREN” training and community event is held in collaboration with SenChix, a women in technology group hosted by snRER, the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (UCAD) and the AfricaConnect2 project.

Leveraging a broader promotion of maker culture and hackerspaces in NRENs, the event will kick off a program aimed at reducing current imbalances in gender participation. It will support female students and staff to improve STEM skills through experimentation with robots and electronics and learning to program these devices.

The participants wind down at the end of the 5-day training workshop in the Senchix community day, a networking opportunity open to faculty and guests from other women tech hubs with representation from government and industry.

Workshop Goal: Teach Python in a series of practical hands-on exercises that introduce the fundamentals of physical computing with the Raspberry Pi, GPIO breadboard and sensors.

Targeted Audience: Female students and staff in computing and engineering or from other disciplines with good computer skills and interest in intelligent environments.  A programming background and knowledge of Linux or other UNIX operating system is useful but not required.

Expected Outcomes: Over time, participants will be able to work on their own or in small teams to develop electronic or robotic projects at varying levels of complexity to solve problems.

Language: Conducted in French with bilingual trainers


  • Lunches and coffee breaks will be provided for all participants for the duration of the workshop.
  • Selected international participants who are not able to get full or partial sponsorship from their organisations to attend the workshop may be supported for travel and/or accommodation, subject to availability of resources.

Register at https://indico.wacren.net/event/55/ - The deadline for application is 25 October 2017. 

WACREN 2018 Conference in Lomé, Togo on 15-16 March 2018. Mark your calendars!

Save the date: WACREN 2018 to be held in Lomé, Togo, on 15-16 March 2018, with the official launch of the WACREN network. More soon.2008-Lomé-Togo-IBIS-Hotel-Panorama

2nd WACREN perfSONAR Training Workshop - Accra, Ghana - October 9-13 2017

WACREN organizes its 4th regional capacity building workshop in Accra, Ghana from the  9 - 13 October 2017

The workshop will be organized in collaboration with International Networks at the Indiana University, Ghanaian Academic and Research and Education Network (GARNET), the University of Ghana and AfricaConnect2.

Goal:    Focused on perfSONAR measurement meshes, participants will learn how to set up a new mesh and what it means to have a measuring point participate in a mesh.  These NREN and campus network administrators will also be connected to the WACREN regional perfSONAR deployment.  

Engineers from NRENs who have subscribed to the AfricaConnect2 project and will be connected to WACREN are the priority.   Others will include participants from the 1st WACREN perfSONAR workshop or experienced network engineers who have successfully deployed perfSONAR in their home organisations.  All participants will require exposure to network monitoring, network performance measurements and perfSONAR.  

Expected Outcomes:  Measurements will be taken by participants from NRENs connected to the WACREN network as well as those from countries connected via other international transit. These participants would then be able to quantify the network reliability and performance improvements with the WACREN network compared to commodity Internet services.  

Language:  Conducted in English with bilingual trainers


  • All participants will have to secure funds for their travel, including visa fees where applicable.
  • International participants will be provided with free accommodation (from 8th October to 14 October 2017)
  • Lunches and coffee breaks will be provided for all participants for the duration of the workshop.

Applications from the ASREN and UbuntuNet Alliance regions are welcome and encouraged.

Please visit the workshop website to apply - https://indico.wacren.net/event/54/registration/

Deadline for application is August 31, 2017

TANDEM, Sci-GaIA and MAGIC projects successfully reviewed

WACREN participated in Brussels in the final reviews of the MAGIC, Sci-GaIA and TANDEM projects by independent reviewers.

TANDEM Project Team

WACREN was member of the consortia of these three H2020 projects funded by the European Commission and participated in their implementation in the past two years.

A lot of takeaways from these projects, and WACREN will build on their achievements to expand and strengthen the Focal Points network and PODWAG, with support of the AfricaConnect2 project.

WACREN thanks the EC and all the partners of these three projects and look forward to continuing working with them.


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