Fundraising for WACREN

As a very young organization, WACREN has to secure funding for its Secretariat and first activities.  

The WACREN community and WACREN friends can contribute in many ways, including timely payment of membership fees (multi-year payments are welcome) and donations.

Payments can be made into WACREN’s bank account with details below:

Bank: ECOBANK Ghana Limited
Bank address: 19 Seventh Avenue, Ridge, Accra, Ghana
Account name: WACREN
Account number: 0052104478455101

Thank you for informing WACREN’s Secretariat ( when you make a contribution.  You can also write to us if you wish to make payments using other methods (Western Union, PayPal, etc.).

The list of individuals and institutions that have donated can be found here.  

If you prefer not to be listed on the website, thank you for letting us know when making your donation.