TANDEM-WACREN National Research and Education Network Survey

A survey to establish the need for National Research and Education Networks and Services

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The presence of a strong National Research and Education Network (NREN) can have a major impact on the social and economic development in a country. The AfricaConnect (www.africaconnect.eu) projects are creating international high capacity Internet networks for research and education in Africa. WACREN is the West and Central African Research and Education Network (www.wacren.net). WACREN’s mission is to build and operate a world class network infrastructure, develop state of the art services, promote collaboration among national, regional, international research and education communities and build the capacity of the NREN community.  The TransAfrican Network Development project (TANDEM) aims to help WACREN to achieve its goals and to be able to participate in the forthcoming AfricaConnect2 project.  In turn this will help WACREN to lead the development of strong NRENs in countries across the region.  This will in turn make it possible for African researchers and educators to work with their peers around the world and collaborate on international projects towards the socio-economic development in West and Central Africa. A major step towards this is to understand what research and education network services are needed by end users in this African region.

Your opinions are critical to helping us to develop a roadmap for research and education network services in West and Central Africa.

This survey therefore gives you the opportunity to say what future services you would like from an NREN in your country.  The results will be used to guide the development of a WACREN roadmap for the future implementation of key NREN services in its region.  For information about what NRENs provide in other countries across the world, please read the NREN Service Benefits document available at http://www.tandem-wacren.eu/project-activities/services/end-user-survey.

The survey consists of four sections:

A.            NREN Services for Education

B.            NREN Services for Research

C.            Networking Technology and Application Management

D.            Personal Details and Contact Information

If you would like assistance in filling in this survey, then please get in touch with the TANDEM team at info@tandem-wacren.eu. A printable paper version of the survey in both English and French is available on the http://www.tandem-wacren.eu/project-activities/services/end-user-survey

Download the on-going survey results and keep in touch with our other activities at www.tandem-wacren.eu.  If you provide your email address in the survey then we will contact you when the results are available.

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The survey should only take around 20 minutes. 

We thank you for your time!


The TANDEM Team.